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Weesha Print Productions

Rankin Photography

Rolls Royce Photos - You can see more information about the project here.

A Weesha orchard photo is included here.


Range Rover

RangeRover  RangeRover

Italian Fashions

In May 2008 an unnamed Italian fashion magazine shot still photos a Weesha.

Italian Fashion Tent  Italian Fashion Jeep


In 2008 Nissan shot several photos for print advertisting.

Nissan  Nissan  NissanBarn  NissanKayak


In April 2007 Yamaha shot still photos of their line of ATV's.



B.F. Goodrich

Goodrich shot still photos for future print ads using Ryan Barnes Jeep Rubicon to show off their tires.

BF Goodrich

BFGoodRich Jeep


Brad Swonetz Photography shot stills for Zappos along the Santa Ana River in early March 2007


Hummer H3

In March 2005 Hummer ( shot stills for their H3 point of sale brochure.



Outside Magazine

In July 2004 Outside Magazine shot photos for the cover of their October 2004 issue (see copy of cover at and related cover story .  The photos featured pro athlete, performer and (and, as they refer to her, "stunt babe") Gabrielle Reece as the "Goddess of Temptation" (the theme of the feature was people giving in to their temptations such as cutting down trees and driving Humvees) . As described in the related story, the tree pictured as being cut down was a dead tree which had already been  killed by the bark beetle infestation.  Gabrielle is also pictured strolling down the river on our property (see photo at for another one of the short stories in that issue.


Willie Nelson

In June 2004 Willie Nelson was on site to shoot photos for album cover.

Willie Nelson


In July 2003 Q.A.S. Productions shot still photos for Advair ( featuring "Pug" the dog.


The Golden Bear

The Golden Bear Jewelry ( of Vail, Colorado shot stills for their Fall 2002/Winter 2003 catalog at Weesha.


Polaris Industries

Polaris ( ATV's shot stills at Weesha for use in their 2001 international catalog and on their web site.

(Photos used by permission of photographer Steve Petrovich)

Here is the Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. climbing a ridge on the Weesha property:


San Bernardino Peak provides a scenic background for the Polaris Magnum 325