Historic Weesha Club


Weesha Trees

We have a diverse population of various species of large beautiful trees (many over 100' tall.)


Hundreds of alders grow along the river and stream and throughout the property. Their great size and silver bark gives many people the impression that they are in the North Woods or the eastern regions of the country.

AldersFall  River Alders


Live Oaks, Black Oaks and Scrub Oaks abound on the property. Although considered deciduous trees, the live oaks and scrub oaks keep most of their leaves throughout the winter. In addition to being very tall, some of these trees spread their limbs seventy five feet or more.

OakbyRoad  OakbyCorner  OakbyGate

OakbyCorner  OakonIsland  OakbyBoundar


Cedar trees exceeding one hundred feet tall and girths of more than 18 feet are common.

CedarsbyTrail  HomesteadCedars  CedarsWhiteCabin


Pines & Firs

We have many species of pine on the property including Jeffrey pines, Coulter pines, ponderosa pines and sugar pines as well as some large fir trees. The trees at pictured at left are 80 feet to 100' tall.

PineOrchard  Pine Chalet  Pine Chalet

The jeep gives you an idea of the size of some of the trees.

Other Deciduous Trees

We have two orchards of flowering fruit trees including pears, cherries and apples.

CherryBlossoms  CherryBlossoms  AppleBlossoms