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Weesha Video Productions

Honda's Pioneer 500

Honda 500

Major NBC Production - Episode #4 "Cabins in the Woods"

Cabins in the Woods

Dodge Ram Trucks - The Outdoorsman 2011

Dodge Truck

The Discovery Channel - Bear Attack

Darlow-Smithson Productions of London filmed sceens for a documentary on a bear attack which occurred in Alaska. Our neighbor RandyMiller ( provided the animals for the shoot.

Bear Attack

National Geographic Grizzly Bears

Darlow-Smithson Productions of London filmed sceens for a documentary on a bear attack which occurred in Alaska. Our neighbor RandyMiller ( provided the animals for the shoot.

Bear Water

Bear Close-up

Old Spice

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In September 2006 Old Spice shot film for a commercial. The following photos depict the production process on the Weesha property.

Old Spice Bridge

Old Spice Orchard

ZZ Top - Sleeping Bag (Original music video)

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Several scenes from this video were filmed at Weesha.


"The Lumberjack" - Greenpeace International

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Alta Vista Films shot a public service short subject for Greenpeace International involving a lumberjack, his wife, a bear and a tree. Although a tree was cut down for the filming of this production it was a tree which had already died and was scheduled to be removed as part of an ongoing fire prevention program.

Greenpeace Truck

Greenpeace Bear

"The Feast" (168 Hour Film Project)

In April 2005 Michael Costner and Walt Foreman videoed their project "The Feast" which was selected for public showing at the 168 Hour Film Festival ( in Pasadena.

Scenes filmed at Weesha are included in the 2005 Promo Video.

The Feast

"The Dream" - Christian Broadcasting Network

In February 2005 the Christian Broadcasting Network filmed scenes for their production "The Dream", a story about a family seeking religious freedom. Snow blankets were used to simulate snowdrifts.

The Dream

"Monster Mountain"

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In October 2004 Mountain Productions LLC shot scenes for their film "Monster Mountain (

Monster Mt Motion

Monster Mt Barn


In January 2004 David Naylor & Associates filmed a commercial of the Ford Escape SUV for Ford Motor Company of Canada.

Ford Escape


In August 2002 Honda shot film and still photos of their ATV's for use in point of sale displays. They returned in September 2002 to shoot footage for their CRV SUV.



Kawasaki ( recently shot video footage for use in a "point of purchase" demo tape for their dealers. The production was done by "The Association" in Burbank, California in conjunction with Kawasaki's agency, Foote, Cone & Belding.



Chevrolet Avalanche

In September 2001 Avalon Films shot segments for a commercial for the Chevy Avalanche SUV/pickup truck ( Race & stunt driver Bobby Unser Jr. of the Unser Driving Team was used to demonstrate the performance of the truck.

Chevy Avalanche

National Geographic Explorer

Boyd Matson and a crew from National Geographic Explorer filmed segments at Weesha which included wolves and foxes for a program on the "mane wolf" of South America and also the arctic wolves of Canada. The program was first broadcast July 15, 2001. The show is also available on video for purchase by the public.

The wolf and fox were provided by Hollywood Animals.

NatGeo1  NatGeo Night Shoot

NatGeo Fox  NatGeo Wolf

Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler Jeans ( shot film footage for TV commercials (originally released July 2000) identified as "Men's", "Women's" and "Anthem" set to the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son."  They also shot stills for print ads and in store displays.

These ads have appeared in "People", "Sports Illustrated","ESPN", "TV Guide", "Woman's Day" and "RedBook" magazines.

This is the shoot for the "Clothesline" sequence for TV. Prior to completion of the filming it began to rain so they incorporated the rain in commercial.  The final version showed the actors playing football in the rain between the clotheslines.

Wrangler Clothesline Wrangler Porch

Wrangler Crew

Rowntree Macintosh Chocolates

The British firm Rowntree Macintosh, a division of Nestle UK ( shot a segment for their series of "The Fugitive" commercials for the Yorkie chocolate bar at Weesha. It showed a convict in a jailhouse jump suit being pursued through the Santa Ana River with his Yorkie bar held over hishead. Other segments in the series included shots of the pursuit taken in Big Bear, on Onyx Summit and the Palm Springs Ariel Tram.

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Rowntree River

Rowntree Bridge

Fear Runs Silent

Fear Runs Silent (Video Information Here) is a feature length horror thriller starring Stacey Keach and Billy Dee Williams.  It was released on video in late 2000. The "Second unit"  shot footage on the Weesha property which included mountain,water and brush scenes.

Support Truck


The Flower

Student Adolfo Martinelli (he was the writer, producer and director) filmed a portion of his project  "The Flower" for a class at Loyola-Marymount University at Weesha. The young actress is Veronica Leigh.

The Flower 1

The Flower2   The Flower 3