Historic Weesha Club


Weesha Cabins

Our members' cabins reflect various forms of architecture and personal tastes.

Homesteader's Cabin/Log Cabin

Construction of the original "Homesteader's Cabin" was started in 1888. Part of the orginal cabin still stands today and can be seen in the main orchard. A new log cabin was constructed in 2009.

Cedar Lodge

This lodge was built in 1922. It sits on top of a small knoll overlooking the lawn and orchard of the central meadow.


Uncle John's

This ranch house sits under a large sycamore tree in the central meadow. It is surrounded by apple, crabapple and cherry trees.


Mountain Chalet

This cabin has a large manicured lawn. It also has a small guest house named "La Casita".


White Cottage

This "White Cottage" was built in 1917. It sits on a small hill overlooking the meadow and orchards.


Hummingbird Haven

This cabin overlooks a peaceful stretch of the Santa Ana River.

HumBirdHaven   HBDeck

Last Cabin

The last cabin was built in 1947. It is nestled among towering oak trees and overlooks Forsee Creek which flows all year.


Stone House

This stone housewas built about 1915. Although it also has a large modern addition the owners took great care to maintain the same appearance and ambiance in both portions of the cabin.



This modern addition to an older cabin includes extensive use of natural woods on the interior. It has views over the meadow, up to the snows of the high country and down into trees along the Santa Ana River.


A Little Bit of Heaven

The portion shown in the photo is a modern addition to the original structure which was built in 1917. It has a large lawn and deck overlooking the Santa Ana River.


The House of Seven Cedars

This home was built by one of the founders of the Club after it was established in 1910. It sits on the edge of the meadow. It is sunny and has direct views up to peaks of over 10,000 feet elevation.


Caretaker's Residence

This is the caretaker's residence". It is located along side the club's barn and main orchard.


The Barn

This is the barn. It is believed to have been built before 1920. Barn after an early snow.